How it all began:

The foundation of the VirginWeb GmbH has been the base for our vision. In 2007 we laid the legal frame for an unrivaled multi-technlogy company. Innovation for our customers, that’s where we invest into our research and development. Only knowledge, experience and interdisciplinary thinking solve the demanding challenges of our time.
People like and want to communicate to each other. The use of newest technologies allows users to interact with intuitive and ease of use interfaces to cope the daily e-mail flood in a highly secure manner. We offer novel e-mail and cloud services as center of users online communication with the advantage of a serious and secure e-mail address.

Theodor Niehues, Chief Executive Officer

Theodor Niehues is founder and CEO of the VirginWeb GmbH. Since decades he actively supports products and solutions to ease and secure daily life – simply worth living. He stands for longtime stable and proven success in innovate entrepreneurship. As studied mathematical economics he has got a strong analytical and economical background.

Dieter Plassmann, Chief Technical Officer

Dieter Plassmann is founder and CTO of Virgin Web GmbH. He is not only a brilliant technical lead, but an innovator that as driven the development of the mobile industry throughout Europe. Uncountable mobile applications have made the usage of phones and smartphone since than more liveable. He particular understands to put the communication between humans into the focus of research and product development at VirginWeb.